Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Donate Donate Donate and a Freebie Kit for you

Meet Blake. The sweetest 12 year old ever.
He loves Sponge Bob, and he LOVES to swim.
 He is currently training for the Special Olympics in swimming.
Blake is my Best Friends Nephew,
and next week he is headed down to San Diego for his second Open heart Surgery.

I designed this kit Hope to help them out with Medical Bills, and Expenses for the long trek down to San Diego.
Any Donation would be greatly appreciated!
To donate, Click the Donate button at the top or bottom of this post.
If you donate, I will be holding a random drawing for a $10 voucher good at 
Vicki's Store at Scrap That Idea
(thanks to Vicki for donating)
Love, Kim


  1. It's a beautiful kit, Kim and a beautiful sentiment behind it. I've donated - I hope that lots of others will too! MWAH xxxx

  2. Thanks Vicki! you are such a sweetheart!

  3. Thank you Vicki for posting the link for a wonderful cause. Our prayers are with Blake and his family. Kim, Your kit is beautiful!! Thank you, I plan to use it for scrapping pages of my granddaughter.

  4. Thanks so much for the kit, I love it!!! I donated- and Blake and his family will be in my prayers for his surgery and recovery!

  5. Please send our prayers to your couragous friend and her amazing son. Our uncle is over 40- when he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, it was unheard of to have that kind of life expectancy! But his mother refused to put him in an institution (common practice at the time). He has been through so many surgeries, has diabetes, the list goes on... but so does he! Love and support goes SO FAR!

    And wish him GOOD LUCK training for the Special Olypics! What a great experience. Our friends' sister (also Down Syndrome) was quite upset, last year. She REALLY wanted a RED RIBBON- she was getting sick of all these BLUE ones! : )

    God bless you, Blake and Good Luck with the surgery, recovery and training.

  6. Count me in, I just donated. What a great cause for such a special young man. Thanks for the wonderful kit too!! Hugs -- xoxo! (terri - hawaii)

  7. Thanks for the freebie kit, and I hope everything works well for Blake, I made a donation, my husband is dealing with leukemia right now, and I know how much med bills cost, plus travel, expenses ... it just keeps adding up! Best wishes for the little boy!

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